Atomclip makes educational video clips for students and makers. Fun projects and experiments with a detailed explanation of the used technology. The videos focus on smart machines. The three main technologies in the videos are mechanics, electronics and digital technology. Interwoven clips in the atomclip icon symbolize the connection between these technologies in smart machines. The icon is a tribute to Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist, who visualized the atom as a planetary system.


da vinci knight Mechanics are the moving parts of machines. They have been studied for several centuries. The famous drawings of Leonardo da Vinci show beautiful mechanical masterpieces and are still an inspiration for modern mechanical engineers. Mechanics are driven by actuators, such as electric motors, pneumatic (air pressured) or hydraulic (liquid pressured) cylinders.


electronics Controlling the mechanics is done by electronic circuits. Modern electronic systems are based on digital computer technology which fits inside a microchip. These small computer chips are programmable and can be customized to fit the application. Sensors are added to measure physical quantities such as the angle of a joint, end stops, sound and vision. The electronics inside a machine are called hardware.


software The algorithms to control the machine are implemented in computer programs and programmable electronics. Since the programs are not changed often, they are known as firmware. The program is designed for the computer chip by skilled engineers. Good knowledge of digital technologies is needed for optimal results.

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